ASEE 2021 workshop:

Distributed FPGA Lab Between UW and Other Universities Using the LabsLand Network

Presented by Intel

Description: the University of Washington and LabsLand will present the LabsLand network of Intel FPGAs. This network is a global collaboration with FPGAs located in universities from the U.S., Spain, Malaysia, and Brazil (and growing!) being used for education by universities worldwide.

When: July 26th, 2021

Where: online, as part of the ASEE 2021 Annual Conference


Link: ASEE 2021 Annual conference

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ASEE paper on pedagogic impact of remote labs

Professor Hussein presented in the ASEE 2021 Conference the article "Remote Versus In-hand Hardware Laboratory in Digital Circuits Courses", exploring pedagogic aspects of the usage of remote FPGA laboratories in class.

The article was awarded with the Best Paper Award of the ASEE ECE Division!

Use remote laboratories in your institution!

LabsLand is the largest network of remote laboratories, covering many different remote laboratories including Intel FPGA's from universities in 14 countries.

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